Thermochemical Water Splitting (TCWS)

TCWS History

In 2008 there was a Boulder Conference held on TCWS technologies developed at 14 national laboratories over 40 years, the result of over $1B in federal funding. The US Dept of Energy final report for this conference was issued in 2011 but not before I accidentally stumbled into the same field in 2010. I wrote up my hydrogen patent in 2012-2013 which I submitted in March 2013 for a patent which expired in 2014. It wasn't until 2015 when I discovered that there was a TCWS Division of the US Dept of Energy via this 2011 report. (On this DOE page is a link for the 2011 Report)

Evaluated in the 2011 DOE TCWS report are 335 chemical reaction candidates (in tables at end of report) with a final recommendation on which ones are worthy of further federal funding. The reactions in my patent were not included in the 335 reactions evaluated. Therefore, I do not believe that the overall negative assessment of TCWS remains valid and that my reactions remain worthy of pursuit.

Further research in TCWS is necessary.

TCWS Applications

TCWS enables conversion of the existing municipal water supply into the much sought after but highly cost prohibitive Hydrogen Infrastructure. Off Grid is dedicated to devising an economically workable TCWS technology precisely to render the municipal water supply into the Hydrogen Fuel Infrastructure. Further research in TCWS is necessary.

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